About IVS

Integral Vac Systems NZ (IVS) Limited specialise in central vacuum systems. Based in Christchurch, IVS services homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.

IVS – Leading The Way
Integral Vac Systems are suppliers of New Zealand’s #1 ducted vacuum system. We supply and install to NZ homes, providing a cleaner, healthier environment to the highest standard of service. We also retrofit our systems into existing homes.

Integrity, It’s Integral To Our Business
We believe we supply the best product at a great price. Because we care for our customers and for our reputation, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure we provide the best customer service and support.

Contact Integral Vacuum Systems (IVS)
To see how easy it is to install a central vacuum system in your home, contact us to arrange a Free In-home Consultation and Quote.