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What is a ducted vacuum?

Ducted vacuum is a system that is powered from a central power unit mounted in an out of the way location such as a garage or carport. The suction power and airflow are carried through the house by a network of pipes installed in the walls of the home.

What this means is that instead of carrying around a portable vacuum cleaner, all one needs to do is connect the hose to an outlet in the wall and start vacuuming!

What makes this such a great opportunity?

This is a market that is growing for three major reasons; firstly the ease and convenience of ducted vacuum systems; secondly because of the health benefits of removing dust, pollens, allergens, and pollutants from the living environment, and thirdly because of an increased awareness in the market for the need to future proof our homes.

Who is IVS looking for?

IVS has come into the market at the ideal time to take advantage of an increased desire for the products and services we are offering.
To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity we are looking for motivated business people with a proven track record.

This would be an ideal opportunity for someone already operating in the building industry in some capacity, although IVS would suit anyone with the ability and desire to grow a successful franchise business.

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